Rock Band 3 for the Nintendo Wii

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Nintendo Wii is a fantastic gaming console. It revolutionized the entire gaming niche by introducing sensors for gameplay. These sensors can detect movement and some game companies can use this to create certain commands for their games.

The Wii also introduced a new kind of gaming where people would get off their couches and play the game actively. Who said that playing games would keep your behind glued to the couch? Gone are those days that you become lethargic while playing games!

That being said, what are the best games that out for the Nintendo Wii? Well, you can try Rock Band 3.

Do you want to be a rockstar? If you have dreams of becoming a rockstar, then this game is the right one for you! Rock band 3 allows you to play different kinds of instruments such as drums, guitars and Bass. In Rockband 3, you can also play the keyboard too!rockband3-300x168

No more playing with the Air Guitar, Rock Band 3 can satisfy your rock cravings. What makes Rock Band 3 an awesome game? Well, you can have a maximum of 7 players at a time. Although, only four profiles can be logged in at a time, you can have as much as 7 players rocking to the beat!

You can have a drummer, 2 guitarists, a keyboardist, a bassist and two vocalists rocking it out in an adrenaline-inducing track! But, what if you’re still new to the game and you want to practice beforehand?

That is no problem! There is a practice mode introduced in Rock Band 3 so that you can practice your killer moves while your friends are still going to your house.

You can create your own setlist or you can download other user-created setlists for you and your friends’ enjoyment.

Do you want to feel like real rockstars that go on different tours? Rock Band 3 has that too! You can go on mini-tours and unlock certain achievements along the way. These tours have their own setlists and each tour has different ones.

Achievements are one way to brag to your friends that you are an undeniably good rockstar. You can earn achievements by completing certain tasks in the game such as playing a 100-note streak for example.

Rock Band 3 requires some separately sold peripherals to be able to gain the full experience of the game. You can buy a drum kit, a guitar controller, a microphone and a keyboard (which costs $80).

Although some of the peripherals are quite pricey, you are assured of a great Rock Band 3 experience when you have them. This also emulates some of the real-world instruments, so that when you do pick up the real thing, you will not be having any real difficulties familiarizing yourself with it.

All in all, Rock Band 3 elevates the Rhythm games genre and playing that in conjunction with other awesome Wii games will surely give you and your friends a wonderful time.