Latest Nintendo 3DS consoles

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How much have you heard about Nintendo 3DS consoles? Enough to make you want to get one, or are you still leaning on the fence? If you’re really into gaming and into Nintendo games in particular, it may have enough features to make you ready to take out the cookie jar— or, if you don’t do your own buying, put it on the Christmas list.

There are two types; the Nintendo 3DS regular and the Nintendo 3DS XL. The XL offers a giant screen for your viewing pleasure, but the 3DS is not too small either. It’s a good size for a portable game; something you can take around with you when you travel, but enjoy at home too.

The Nintendo 3DS actually sports two screens; a lower touchscreen one meant primarily for navigation, and an upper one which boasts a high quality 3D display. No need for uncomfortable glasses here; you can get the full effect with your naked eye. If the full 3D, pop-out effect is disturbing or uncomfortable for you, there’s a sliding control where you can decrease the effect, or, if you’d rather, turn it off completely. 3D may cause nausea in people who become easily motion sick, but for the rest of us, it’s just enjoyable extra depth. If you enjoy playing in a three dimensional world, you should turn up the slider and experience the full effect.

The Nintendo 3DS offers a full range of social features, and you can connect to other Nintendo 3DS consoles directly view StreetPass or through a WiFi connection using Spotpass. This allows you to download items and also unlock exclusive game content. You can view the online status of your friends, and, if you like, set up a private game for your own circle—all through WiFi.

There’s also an inward facing camera and dual outward-facing cameras, so you can take as many 3D pictures as your heart desires. Once you’ve taken them, you can store them on the device, send them to your friends, or decorate them in whichever way you wish. A handy 2 GB card allows you to store quite a number of pictures, and you can easily transfer them later to a laptop, computer, or other device. You also have an option of recording voice, and then trying out a wide gallery of effects, distorting it in any which way.

The Nintendo 3DS works with Augmented Reality games, and has a Augmented Reality card holder. It’s also compatible with most DS games, so you don’t have to worry about making your purchased game library obsolete.
The controls are all large enough to be easy to use, and it won’t take your hand long to get the feel of the ergonomic buttons.

In general, the Nintendo 3DS console is an easy to use gaming console whose many features can be well appreciated by those into games. It’s a portable console which is loaded with special features, and has a strong visual component to make your Nintendo games particularly enjoyable.