Dust an Elysian Tail Game for iOS


iPhones have truly evolved from a gaming perspective. It now packs more than capable hardware that is able to deliver even the most graphics-intensive games out there.

In this article, I am going to talk about the Dust an Elysian Tail Game for iOS. This game is a robust action/adventure RPG unlike any other.

You see, most mobile phone games nowadays, albeit graphically immersive, lacks the robustness older games have. What I mean by this is that the game mechanics and the actual plot of the game are just pretty average and nothing really memorable about it.

But, the Dust an Elysian Tail Game for iOS is different. As previously mentioned, this game provides an immersive gameplay experience unlike any other RPG found in the Apple app store.

The first thing that really blew me away is the graphics. The graphics are a hybrid between 2D and 3D and the physics of the game is also on point.

The story of the game is centered on your character named, Dust. Basically, the entirety of your journey is centered on your being. You will uncover all of the information about Dust as well as his legacy.

The Dust an Elysian Tail Game for iOS incorporates a side-scroll platformer with intuitive touch controls. If you think this game is boring, think again. In fact, the Dust an Elysian Tail Game for iOS has one of the best gameplays out of any action/adventure RPG out there.

The battles are fast-paced that it really got my adrenaline pumping. The controls are easy to operate but difficult to master. You can chain combos using normal attacks and magic spells, so it is up to you to mix and match to defeat the enemies.

The Dust an Elysian Tail Game for iOS also has a great voice-acting cast as well. I am amazed by the voice acting of this game and I truly believe that the game developers hired professional voice actors.

The voice acting truly adds to the depth and feel of the game. Most of the game’s out there do not have voice acting, and although it doesn’t really have an effect on some gamers, it does affect me. Having a superb voice acting in a game truly adds to the overall gaming experience.

The game also has boss battles that are a little bit too easy. Since it is relatively easy to chain combos in this game, boss battles are a cinch. I think that is the weakest point of the game, but it is nothing really big of a deal.

The Dust an Elysian Tail Game for iOS is also expansive in a sense that the actual storyline will take you 15 hours of gameplay to complete. But, should you decide on doing side quests, it will take you more than 40 hours to complete. Amazing, isn’t it?

This game makes use of an internet connection. If you’re using your iPhone’s 4G LTE connectivity, I highly suggest you get a mobile phone signal booster. These signal boosters will ensure that your iPhone gets the signals it needs for a clean and lag-free gameplay experience.

The Dust an Elysian Tail Game for iOS costs $6 and is available for download in the Apple app store.

Supcase Heavy Duty Protective Case for the Huawei Nexus 6p


Google’s next generation flagship phone, the Huawei Nexus 6p, has just been recently released and it is truly a premium phone that costs much less than other mobile phone competitors on the market.

It has an all-metallic design complete with powerful specs under the hood and a really great camera to go along with the device.

But, as premium as it may be, the exterior of the Nexus 6p can be scratched or damaged, especially when it will be accidentally dropped from a distance.

So today, we are going to take a look at a protective case that was specifically made for this new Google premium Android mobile phone.

The Supcase Heavy Duty Protective Case for the Huawei Nexus 6p is a really good case for the Android mobile phone. To know more about this product, let’s take the time to look at its features and benefits:

  • Advanced front cover design for easy installation
  • Built-in screen protector without compromising sensitivity
  • Advanced dual-layer (PC + TPU) design provides great impact and shock resistance and prevents accidental drop, bump, and shock
  • Easy access to all features (buttons, camera, speaker, and ports)
  • Sporty profile and multiple color options

The Supcase Heavy Duty Protective Case for the Huawei Nexus 6p is made out of two durable materials in the form of Polycarbonate and Thermoplastic Urethane. This dual combination of hard plastics will ensure that no matter how many times you drop the Google Nexus 6p, it will not get damaged or chipped in any way.

The front cover of the case sports an advanced screen protector that does not compromise the sensitivity of the mobile phone. Normally, screen protectors, albeit made with good intentions, diminish the sensitivity of touch screen mobile phones when it is put on.

Luckily for you, the Supcase Heavy Duty Protective Case for the Huawei Nexus 6p has an advanced screen protector that is able to protect the phone from scratches without sacrificing the phone’s responsiveness.

The Huawei Nexus 6p comes with a fingerprint scanner, right? You might think that getting a protective case might hinder the scanner’s ability to recognize your fingerprints. But, that shouldn’t be a problem with this case.

The Supcase Heavy Duty Protective Case for the Huawei Nexus 6p carefully placed cutouts ranging from the headphone jack, all the way down to the USB-C port. But, that’s not all! It also has a precise cutout for the Fingerprint sensor so you won’t have to worry about the case compromising this important security feature.

This protective case is also visually appealing. It also comes in 3 different colors such as All-Black, Blue-Black, and White-Gray. All of them give the Huawei Nexus 6p a more premium look with a premium, heavy-duty protection.

With heavy-duty protection, great looks and a great price of only $17, now wonder the Supcase Heavy Duty Protective Case for the Huawei Nexus 6p is one of the best cases for the Huawei Nexus 6p.

Corsair Raptor Gaming Mouse


The gaming mouse niche has become one of the busiest niches in gaming this year, mainly because of the plethora of gaming mice manufactured. Today, we’re going to take a look at Corsair’s latest offering, the Corsair Raptor Gaming mouse.

Before I start talking about the gaming mouse, here is the official product description:

  • Game tuned 5000 DPI optical sensor – Highly linear tracking for accurate mouse control in games
  • Advanced weight system – Customize both mouse weight and balance for your style of play
  • Seven programmable buttons – Set frequently used actions, macros or keystrokes to dedicated mouse buttons for faster access
  • On-the-fly DPI adjustment – Switch dpi with a single click for tight shots and fast getaways
  • Selectable USB response time – Choose between 1000, 500, 250 and 125Hz
  • Adjustable lift height – Five selectable lift height levels
  • Soft-touch surfaces – Outstanding comfort during multi-hour play sessions
  • 2 Years Warranty

The Corsair Raptor gaming mouse was constructed with comfort in mind. You see, the Raptor gaming mouse comes equipped with removable weights for maximum glide and comfort, depending on your preference.

The gaming mouse comes with the PiXArt 5,000 DPI sensor. I know this isn’t much, but it is more than enough for gaming, even in the competitive level. The DPI combined with the removal weights makes gaming less of a chore and more of the enjoyment.

There are also 7 programmable buttons you can tweak with the Corsair Utility engine. You can assign macros for your games, or you can even assign a program or application to run with just a click of a button! The buttons aren’t mushy to the touch as well as they are made of mechanical switches that can last up to 30 million keystrokes!

If these features aren’t enough, there is also an adjustable response time. You can choose between 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000MHz. If you want to have the best response times, then set it to 1000MHz.

Even though this gaming mouse does not have an RGB lighting scheme, it is still lit by a red light. Furthermore, the ergonomics are just superb and is really comfortable to play with even during prolonged gaming sessions.

But, do not take my word for it, let’s check out some of the user reviews:

Jake: “First and foremost, I’ve been using Corsair products back when they still used to manufacture Power supply units and RAM. I can say that their products are topnotch and well thought of. With that being said, the Corsair Raptor is just a dream to use. The ergonomics of this mouse beats the Deathadder’s and that I can hold this mouse for hours on end. But, what I really love about the Raptor is its customizable weight. I cannot tell you how I love this feature. If I am playing FPS games, I will set it to the heaviest. If I am playing MOBA, I will set it to the lightest. The possibilities for pwnage are endless with this gaming mouse!”

Chandler: “I just love this gaming mouse. Aside from the fact that it has 7 programmable buttons, the removable weights are so awesome! I can adjust the weights according to which type of game I play. The only problem with this gaming mouse that I can see is that it only comes equipped with a 5,000 dpi sensor. Still, I love everything else about this gaming mouse!”

The Corsair Raptor gaming mouse is priced at $58.

Rock Band 3 for the Nintendo Wii


Nintendo Wii is a fantastic gaming console. It revolutionized the entire gaming niche by introducing sensors for gameplay. These sensors can detect movement and some game companies can use this to create certain commands for their games.

The Wii also introduced a new kind of gaming where people would get off their couches and play the game actively. Who said that playing games would keep your behind glued to the couch? Gone are those days that you become lethargic while playing games!

That being said, what are the best games that out for the Nintendo Wii? Well, you can try Rock Band 3.

Do you want to be a rockstar? If you have dreams of becoming a rockstar, then this game is the right one for you! Rock band 3 allows you to play different kinds of instruments such as drums, guitars and Bass. In Rockband 3, you can also play the keyboard too!rockband3-300x168

No more playing with the Air Guitar, Rock Band 3 can satisfy your rock cravings. What makes Rock Band 3 an awesome game? Well, you can have a maximum of 7 players at a time. Although, only four profiles can be logged in at a time, you can have as much as 7 players rocking to the beat!

You can have a drummer, 2 guitarists, a keyboardist, a bassist and two vocalists rocking it out in an adrenaline-inducing track! But, what if you’re still new to the game and you want to practice beforehand?

That is no problem! There is a practice mode introduced in Rock Band 3 so that you can practice your killer moves while your friends are still going to your house.

You can create your own setlist or you can download other user-created setlists for you and your friends’ enjoyment.

Do you want to feel like real rockstars that go on different tours? Rock Band 3 has that too! You can go on mini-tours and unlock certain achievements along the way. These tours have their own setlists and each tour has different ones.

Achievements are one way to brag to your friends that you are an undeniably good rockstar. You can earn achievements by completing certain tasks in the game such as playing a 100-note streak for example.

Rock Band 3 requires some separately sold peripherals to be able to gain the full experience of the game. You can buy a drum kit, a guitar controller, a microphone and a keyboard (which costs $80).

Although some of the peripherals are quite pricey, you are assured of a great Rock Band 3 experience when you have them. This also emulates some of the real-world instruments, so that when you do pick up the real thing, you will not be having any real difficulties familiarizing yourself with it.

All in all, Rock Band 3 elevates the Rhythm games genre and playing that in conjunction with other awesome Wii games will surely give you and your friends a wonderful time.

Nintendo updates at E3


1. At E3 the Nintendo consultant launched the new portable features. Among those fascinating features apart from the switch that enables 3D game play would be the slide which comes from the base left side of the DS. What it does is enables you to manage the position of the camera, that fits with what’s happening at once on the monitor.

2. You’re possibly all questioning what some console such as this will cost, but unfortunately it has not even been launched. Not just that but among the other important facts we don’t have is actually the launch date along with the price. If you follow it you might discover that the price and launch date is going to be revealed soon.

For anyone who is excited about the new portable device, the handheld 3D game console will soon be here.

The 3DS system has exposed a completely new collection in gaming, specifically the difficulties it presents the developers to either adjust their current games to 3D in which suitable, but additionally to arise with fresh concepts that assist a 3D structure. Naruto Shippuden, has recently done that, it comes after an extensive series of effective games from Naruto offering much activity to this new situation of experience.

The story focuses on a number of heroes from former series such as from Sage Mode in which Naruto tries to become increasingly stronger (which is listed on an exclusive gauge). You will discover new performances from the 5 Kages and Malice a lady ninja wherever they make an effort to cross the surfaces by means of 9 various sites over unforeseen hurdles. The video game makes complete utilization of the system functions of motion settings and 3D graphics since the majority of the plays include moving around items and slipping sideways to prevent destruction. That’s where the system gyros come in enabling the sinking and diving considering that if Naruto is not able to prevent striking anything he will accept the destruction. To review a few of the functions of the 3D game r4 3ds here:

  • The activity makes complete utilization of the system movement settings specifically the gyro using the tilts function.
  • Exclusive combo codes are essential known as Sharingan Codes, find them and you are able to release items and heroes.
  • As stated, the video game includes heroes from former releases within the collection to help you to discover other Ninjas and other assistance heroes, as much as ten which can protect you as you complete each stage in the activity.
  • Among the secret functions is the location of a character referred to as Sasuke within the levels, if it is possible to on your quest to locate all of his secret hiding spots or dens you are able to make him a usable character to assist you on your mission.

Latest Nintendo 3DS consoles


How much have you heard about Nintendo 3DS consoles? Enough to make you want to get one, or are you still leaning on the fence? If you’re really into gaming and into Nintendo games in particular, it may have enough features to make you ready to take out the cookie jar— or, if you don’t do your own buying, put it on the Christmas list.

There are two types; the Nintendo 3DS regular and the Nintendo 3DS XL. The XL offers a giant screen for your viewing pleasure, but the 3DS is not too small either. It’s a good size for a portable game; something you can take around with you when you travel, but enjoy at home too.

The Nintendo 3DS actually sports two screens; a lower touchscreen one meant primarily for navigation, and an upper one which boasts a high quality 3D display. No need for uncomfortable glasses here; you can get the full effect with your naked eye. If the full 3D, pop-out effect is disturbing or uncomfortable for you, there’s a sliding control where you can decrease the effect, or, if you’d rather, turn it off completely. 3D may cause nausea in people who become easily motion sick, but for the rest of us, it’s just enjoyable extra depth. If you enjoy playing in a three dimensional world, you should turn up the slider and experience the full effect.

The Nintendo 3DS offers a full range of social features, and you can connect to other Nintendo 3DS consoles directly view StreetPass or through a WiFi connection using Spotpass. This allows you to download items and also unlock exclusive game content. You can view the online status of your friends, and, if you like, set up a private game for your own circle—all through WiFi.

There’s also an inward facing camera and dual outward-facing cameras, so you can take as many 3D pictures as your heart desires. Once you’ve taken them, you can store them on the device, send them to your friends, or decorate them in whichever way you wish. A handy 2 GB card allows you to store quite a number of pictures, and you can easily transfer them later to a laptop, computer, or other device. You also have an option of recording voice, and then trying out a wide gallery of effects, distorting it in any which way.

The Nintendo 3DS works with Augmented Reality games, and has a Augmented Reality card holder. It’s also compatible with most DS games, so you don’t have to worry about making your purchased game library obsolete.
The controls are all large enough to be easy to use, and it won’t take your hand long to get the feel of the ergonomic buttons.

In general, the Nintendo 3DS console is an easy to use gaming console whose many features can be well appreciated by those into games. It’s a portable console which is loaded with special features, and has a strong visual component to make your Nintendo games particularly enjoyable.